New Employees

New Employee Not Working Out?

Does this sound familiar? “I just want to hire a qualified person who wants to be here, who loves the work, and will do whatever needed to accomplish the job!”

Employers can forget that it takes time to learn a position enough to “love” it.

The employee wants to meet the employer’s expectations – no one wants to fail!

The relationship between the employer and the employee begins in the interview, then continues through on-boarding, the first day, the first quarter, the first year… with each new phase requiring different levels of training, coaching, input, and feedback. If there is a weak link, such as a mediocre manager, don’t expect the employee to outperform employer expectations. If the manager has not been trained to nurture knowledge, growth, and courage on the tough days, the employee may think mediocre is the expectation.

When an employer is disappointed in the performance of a new employee, it’s beneficial to reflect on the following questions:

  • What training was promised in the interview?
  • Was the new employee given a “go to” person for questions?
  • Was the on-boarding process a positive one for the employee—and was feedback given?
  • What unforeseen circumstances or events changed after the employee accepted the position?
  • Did the employee’s job description change?
  • What feedback has been given to the employee? Is it documented?
  • Has HR met with the employee to check the “happiness” quotient?
  • Does the employee have all the needed tools and information to do the job?

Every step is easier if there is a process in place. Managers are generally accountable for many things, and a new employee takes time to develop. If a reasonable process is in place, it becomes second nature/easier to follow the steps listed above (thereby reducing risks associated with hiring, wrongful terminations, etc.).

Ongoing training in interviewing, on-boarding, continuing to have crucial conversations, mentoring, and developing employees is the only path to identifying and retaining significant contributors for your team.

For more information on any of the above topics, please visit our website or email to discuss specific challenges.

For now, remember the most important thing is to hire the most qualified individuals for your team and give them an opportunity to shine! Happy Hiring!

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