• Partnering in a strategic manner with CEOs to address concerns related, but not limited to:
    • People – Recruiting and retaining the right talent is important for any organization. These steps include:
      • Designing processes to ensure compliance in recruiting, interviewing, and selecting candidates.
      • Updating an existing, or designing a new, performance review system that uniquely fits the culture of the company.
      • Providing guidance on whether weekly, monthly, or quarterly reviews are most effective for their group.
      • Training managers on how to conduct honest and productive employee reviews with the guidance and encouragement needed to ensure success in their position. Failure to train managers on acceptable standards of performance and conduct is a sure recipe for expanding company risk.
      • Giving (legally) defensible feedback and preparing proper documentation. This step is a critical risk management process and will be invaluable should there be a future discrimination or harassment complaint.
    • Policies – Having policies in place will provide guidelines and help the company administer consistently to all employees. Clear and fair policies protect the company and the employee, and will help the company avoid repeat occurrences and misunderstandings. Keeping policies up-to-date with changing practices is one important way to provide good guidance and protection. Manager training is critical since policies must always match practices!
    • Processes – Including onboarding, providing feedback on performance, and a career path with a training plan that leads the employee to success, are just a few of the must-do tasks. In addition, managing workflow and outcomes, celebrating successes and analyzing disappointments will encourage employees to continually look for improvement in efficiencies.
    • Performance – Once a candidate is selected and hired, the next steps set the working relationship. The successful employer wishes to have an engaged, qualified employee who can handle what must be done to accomplish the job. The employee who is “all in” wants to meet the employer’s expectations. It is important for the manager to create a positive environment and give balanced feedback, positive and negative, focusing on the job, not the person. This begins by asking questions and allowing the employee to provide feedback. Consider any obstacles that prevented the employee from accomplishing their goals; if performance improvement is needed, discuss methods and objectives for improving. When an employee grows, teams become strong in trust relationships, confidence in each other, and overall engagement occurs, resulting in the growth of the company.success image
  • We are DEDICATED to Partnering with the heavy concerns. We work with the CEO to analyze the “now” situation, determine the desired outcome, review how we got to “this point,” and then create an implementation plan that will result in the desired outcome. It’s easy to feel alone and hesitant to make the tough decisions. We have walked through many tough situations and bring our experience to your table. Together we discuss options and the best method for implementing decisions. DEDICATED will continue to be present as needed when the time for change finally comes.
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