Refusing to Fail

How many times have you found yourself frustrated with customer service in one industry or another? Perhaps it is happening within the very company that employs you.

In 1989, after working in Human Resources for some time, Blanche Pearsall, then a single, working mother of two, found herself frustrated with:

  • The restrictions on how services were being provided to clients
  • The ever-changing bonus-plan ceilings
  • Managers who did not know the industry
  • The limitations of her own future income.

Blanche knew that she could provide better service to clients than the other companies she worked for because she actually loved the interaction and challenge of matching needs with the right people. Additionally, Blanche felt as though she could generate more income because of the level of service she could provide to clients, which would better provide for her own children.

When asked what the vision was for DEDICATED Professional Resources when she began, Blanche said that the day-to-day interaction with clients was the passion that fueled her in the early days. While the thought may have been lurking on some level, failure was never an option. Most Mothers would agree that they would do whatever it took to provide for their children, and when Blanche stepped off of the proverbial cliff, she knew she had no choice but to land on her feet.

A successful startup cannot happen without due diligence. Dr. Walter Jones was the head of the Winston-Salem Small Business Incubator and believed in Blanche long before she started DEDICATED. One of the most beneficial pieces of wisdom that he shared was to start small and lean; do not spend money on furniture or anything else that would not generate revenue. By following his advice, and her own drive, Blanche was running a profitable business in just three months!

In hindsight, there are some changes that Blanche would have made, which will be addressed soon in another post, but there is no doubt that the future is bright for DEDICATED Professional Resources as ten to twelve years after its start, DEDICATED was invited to evolve into forming business-advising relationships, serving fast-growth, mid-sized companies throughout the country.


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